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November 2014

* Dancer of the Month: Ali Doughty
* Rising Stars: Lily Devaney-Fisher & Aine Marie Mannion

Feis Photos
* 1st Hertfordshire Championships- Photos
* McInerney Open Feis- Photos
* Feis Myra- Photos

Oireachtas Special
* Been There, Done That
* O-Rock-Ta-Stars
* O-Rock-That-Tan
* O-Rock-Ta-Thon: Don't Leave Home Without It!
* Get Your Head in the Game

Plus Australia's Erin McArthur, Feis Muscian: Quentin Simms, Syracuse Irish Fest, Celebrating Worlds, McGee School Goes for Gold, & much, much more!

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Weekly Prize Draw

November 1-7: Seeing RED!

Now is your chance to win one of the most anticipated new shoes of the year, the Hullachan Pro (3) Red Collection! Win a pair FREE this week from supplier Coughlan's Irish Imports!

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November 8-14:Number Clips

Little things really matter when you're getting ready to catch the judge's eye, so make sure you stand out with a sparkling, handmade number clip. This week's lucky winner will win THREE!

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November 15-21: Book It!

To dance like a champion, you must think like a champion. Get the inside scoop on what drives a champion to make their big dreams come true.

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November 22-30: Morgan II Wig

Nothing looks more competition ready than a brand new wig! This full head wig has a loose split curl and thick density and could be YOURS.

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