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January 2016

    * Mairead Trainor's Goals for 2017
    * The Perfect Jump
    * Improve Your Core
    * Comeback After Injury
    * New Year's Resolutions 

    Feis News & Photos
    * CLRG All Ireland Championships
    * CLRG Great Britain Championships
    * Western USA Regional Oireachtas
    * CRN USA Regional Championships

    Plus Scoil Ui Ruairc, Intercollegiate Dance Comp, & much, much more!

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Special JANUARY 2017 Contest!!

Create your own DANCE VIDEO and WIN a fabulous NEW costume from Ireland's KELTIC STORM-the "hot" and "trendy" designer dancers love!!


We love it!! CONTEST ends: 25th Jan so get your creative juices flowing and submit your video NOW! The sooner you enter the more votes you can get and the closer you'll be to getting your custom designed FREE solo costume!

Open to ALL Irish dancers!

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