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    * Dancer of the Month: Clodagh Davis
    * Master Class: Rhythm Part 2

    Fashion Special
    * Design a Dress Entry
    * Who's Who in Costume
    * The Design Process
    * Accessory Check List

    Feis News & Photos
    * St Ambrose Feis
    * Australian International Oireachtas

    Plus Mayo Dancers at CRN Worlds, IDTANA scholarship winner, & much, much more!

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Weekly Prize Draw

August 1-7: Feis Buddies

If you are a dancer who wants a lucky charm for your next feis, then enter to win a super cute FEIS BUDDIES.

Click here for details.

August 8-14: Pointe Perfect Pumps

Pointe Perfect is a well-known supplier of many essential dance items and they recently added Ryan & O’Donnell’s Soft Gel Pumps to their arsenal of dancers’ must have items! This week’s winner will be shipped a pair of dance pumps, known for their full shock absorbing, soft gel cushioned insole.

Click here for details.

August 15-21: Dance Pillow

Sleep Dance Repeat... An adorable feis pillow case is this week's prize!

Click here for details.

August 22-31: Champ Full Headband

Stand out from the crowd with this new style by Rince Couture – the Champ Full Headband!

Click here for details.

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