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March 2015

    * Dancer of the Month: MacKenzie Mahler - A Canadian Star's Secret to Success
    *Travel Ireland 2015
    * Worlds 2015 - Pullout Guide:
    Montreal & WQs Part 1
    * St Patrick's PARTY!!
    * Montreal Pull-Out Guide
    * 2015 Dance Calendar

    Feis News & Photos
    * An Comhdhail's All England Championships
    * CLRG Regional Worlds Qualifiers PART 1
    * Celtic Winter Gathering
    * Kennelly Memorial Feis
    * Kildare Memorial Feis

    Plus Anton & Sully, Hawaii Irish Dance, UMBC, Parade makeup & hair, Chef Meg & much, much more!


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Weekly Prize Draw

Irish dance teacher and author, Gina Dewey creates an elated and spirited tone in her new series of five children's books, geared to the young reader. This week's winner will be in reader heaven with a full set!

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March 8-14: Lucky Socks

Do you have the LUCK? That is Katie Lucks? This week's winner will hit the jackpot with THREE pairs of Katie Luck socks.

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March 15-21: Parade of Champions

The March 15-21 Winner will get inspired with the Parade of Champions Patchwork Poster!

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March 22-31: Youngblood Wig

Featured in the March 2014 Parade Looks section on page 28, Youngblood's Lexy bun cover plus large scrunchie are sure to have you looking your best.

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