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January 2015

* DOTM: Orla Godley- Chicago's Sweetheart

* The New Secret Weapon * Food Glorious Food
* Yoga & Recovery

Feis Photos
* The All Irelands - Results & Photos
* New England Oireachtas - Photos
* East Bay Feis - Photos
* Ceim Oir Open Feis- Photos

Plus 2014 Design A Dress Finalists, An Jig Gig 2014, Lisa Cullen Tribute, Burke Connolly Special Love, Irish Channel Feis, McKeever School & Kelso Covers Special Offer & much, much more!

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Weekly Prize Draw

January 1-7: Hullachan Boys Shoes

Calling all BOYS! This week’s lucky winner will win the NEW Hullachan boys reel shoe designed by Craig Coussins and Antonio Pacelli

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Your own look will be created with the help of the team at CheerFactor for your NEW Razor fit jacket and yoga pants!

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January 15-21: Super Fun T-Shirt

Ready to Feis has a line of super fun T-Shirts and one will go to this week's winner.

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January 22-31: UFeis Membership

This week's winner will be set to meet ALL their goals with a year's membership to the UFeis system, a dancer's online tool to track their success as they make their mark on the dance world.

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