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MAY 2016

    * Zoe Griffin: Victorious at Worlds
    * St. Patrick's Day Around the World
    * Drills, drills, drills
    * Yoga - Your secret weapon
    * Champion Jake Gassey
    * Advice from Adjudicator Orfhlaith ni Bhriain

    Feis News & Photos
    * CRG Dance Championships
    * CLRG All Scotland Results & Photos
    * Trainor Feis


    Plus Kerry Wig, New dance camp in Limerick, Beyond Competition: A Must Read, Ashling Academy & much, much more!


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Weekly Prize Draw

May 1-7: Ultraflex Jig Shoes

If you are a dancer looking for the perfect shoe to do toe stands and toe walks - you will want to be this week's winner of a pair of the Ultraflexi Jig Shoes from Antonio Pacelli.

Click here for details.

May 8-14: Kerry Wig

This week's winner will look fabulous on stage with the natural, relaxed, loose curl of Kerry wig from Emerald Key.

Click here for details.

May 15-21: Perfect Point

Perfect Point stretches the muscles on the top of the foot, while strengthening those in the arch. This week's winner will be weel on the way to top marks for pointing after using their new Perfect Point.

Click here for details.

May 22-30: Rising Star Treats

Get a new dressbag and tank - from the hot dress maker - Rising Star Designs.

Click here for details.

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