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May 2015

    * Dancer of the Month: Olivia Drury
    * St Patrick's Day Wrap Up
    * NANs Preview
    * Summer Reading
    * How to Save Those Feet!
    * Champ: Victoria Schull

    Feis News & Photos
    * CRG International ID Championships
    * Feis Orange County

    Plus Chef Meg, Games, Rising Tide IDA, McGovern Ceili Dancers, Irish Music Scene, Celtic Spirit & much, much more!


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May 8-14: Perfect Turnout

Win the highly touted 'Turnout" issue from Fitness Formula for Irish Dance which includes the exact program to follow to help you on your trip towards perfect turnout! PLUS, more...

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May 15-21: Lord of the Dance

Be the winner for May 15-21 and you will be gong to see Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games’ in London!

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May 22-31: Hot New T

This week’s winner will show off their Irish dancing pride when wearing this inspirational tee-shirt around town – designed by readytofeis.com! Their products are awesome! Value: $24.95

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