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November 2014

* Dancer of the Month: Ali Doughty
* Rising Stars: Lily Devaney-Fisher & Aine Marie Mannion

Feis Photos
* 1st Hertfordshire Championships- Photos
* McInerney Open Feis- Photos
* Feis Myra- Photos

Oireachtas Special
* Been There, Done That
* O-Rock-Ta-Stars
* O-Rock-That-Tan
* O-Rock-Ta-Thon: Don't Leave Home Without It!
* Get Your Head in the Game

Plus Australia's Erin McArthur, Feis Muscian: Quentin Simms, Syracuse Irish Fest, Celebrating Worlds, McGee School Goes for Gold, & much, much more!

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Weekly Prize Draw

October 1-7: No One's Watching

DM's teen book reviewer, Maeve E. Gillette, gave No One's Watching by Sandra Greene a fantastic testimonial. Now this week's lucky winner will receive their own autographed copy!

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October 8-14:Ultralite Heavies

Your 'heavies' don't have to be heavy! It's the shoe everyone's raving about - the Ultralite jig shoe from Antonio Pacelli.

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October 15-21: Katie Luck Socks

This week's winner will hit the jackpot with THREE pairs of Katie Luck socks.

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October 22-31: Music

Win the entire collection: Step into the Beat, Kick into the Beat, and the new Ceili to the Beat.

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