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* Dancer of the Month: Shauna Ryan reveals her top tips!

Feis Photos
* NANs- Photos & Results
* CRDM All Irelands- Photos
* Bratislava Irish Dance Championships- Photos

It's a New Dance Year!
* Design A Dress Contest
* Why Feis Frequently?
* Bring Your Irish to College
* The Heavy on Heavies
* Dr. Goldberg's Practice Secrets
* Dancing in Ireland's Capital Cities

Plus IDTANA scholarship winners, Celtic Fyre, Trends from Doire, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, Boland School & much, much more!

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Weekly Prize Draw

August 1-7: Flexi Pro Heavies

You could be wearing the heavies many champions have named as their favorites.

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August 8-14: Slippers All Around

4 Pair of FeisFeet slippers - have a sleep over and all can join in the fun!

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August 15-21: Ryan & O'Donnell's Soft Shoes

Fly through the air with grace like Ciara Sexton in your new pair of these "soft gel' pumps.

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August 22-31: Custom Made Dress Bag

A new Sunshine Stitches custom dress bag could be yours.

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