It’s time to plan SUMMER 2017
22 Apr 2017 01:14 - cameron.irishdancing

It’s time to plan SUMMER 2017! The April 2017 issue of IDM focuses on things to do this summer related to your Irish dancing. Has your family considered traveling to Ireland? If so, this may be the year to do it because the Euro and Dollar are almost even in the exchange rate for USA dancers. Our Aussie readers don’t have as strong of a Dollar to Euro relationship unfortunately, but Ireland is still an economical destination to tour if you plan ahead wisely. There are so many camps and festivals in Ireland this summer, it is a great time to check out the options. For families who are concerned about driving in Ireland, there are fantastic tour options available from CIE tours. And don’t miss our feature on Ireland’s latest tourist destination, The Ancient East.

We have spent a lot of time and effort compiling information about all the summer programme options for dancers, including summer camps, dance camps, and workshops designed to help you improve your dancing. We also included the opportunities happening in the show scene such as studio2stage and the Riverdance Academy. There is no better time to begin planning summer 2017 than now, so check out our 10-page Summer Camp and Programme feature!

Finally, be sure to watch for IDM at the OIREACHTAS RINCE NA CRUINNE 2017 - The World Irish Dancing Championships taking place in Dublin, and the An Comhdhail World Irish Dance Championships in Belfast. Both events begin 9th April. This is a busy month for IDM, so be sure to follow us on our social media – Facebook & Instragram @irishdancingmagazine, Twitter @IDMTWEET, Snapchat @irishdancingmag 

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This is the secret weapon of many of the World’s top champions and now one lucky winner will check out the program themselves with one Free Month at the Target Training Online Institute (TTOI) The TTOI is an online training center that targets the specific muscles Irish dancers need to excel! From their signature, full body workouts to their skill specific videos that target your turnout, crossover, posture, toe height and more, the TTOI will take your dancing to the next level! More details at

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