Jumpstart Your Training - Week 1
03 Jan 2018 06:23 - cameron.irishdancing


After the regional Oireachtas excitement and Christmas holidays, NOW is the time to get back into good dance form. IDM checks in with Peter O’Grady from the company Irish Dancing Physical Fitness to get his recommendations on your best way forward this month. Peter is the author of Upping Your Step and is known for his unique assessments, diagnosis and specific programming. He is also known for his amazing treatments, helping hundreds of dancers at major competitions worldwide. "Training should be progressive, so it is important to do some form of light training before the serious training begins to avoid injury," explains Peter. Detailed demonstrations of the program below can be found in the training book and DVD Upping Your Step.

Week 1: Ease your way back into training. 
Step 1 - Begin with stationary cycling. This can be used to increase circulation, but it should not be performed at a high level of intensity. When using the stationary bike, make sure that you do not remain in a stationary position. Sit upright on the bike and change position regularly.
Step 2 - Add in treading water. Most people are more than capable of threading water (swimming in a vertical position, while keeping your head over the surface of the water). If you cannot thread water, then you should wear a lifejacket or use a floatation device. Deep breathing and slow movements will allow you to conserve energy and maintain a low level of exercise when threading water.

Print out this handy Warm-Up Guide to help you stay on track!

warm up routine

IDM is your "Go To" location for tips. This excerpt from the January 2018 issue of IDM will get your year started off right! Get your copy HERE to read the entire issue. 

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