Three Tips to Perfect Posture
02 Jun 2017 18:10 - cameron.irishdancing


Sitting at school or work all day and playing around onour phones has caused a bit of a problem for Irish dancers -poor posture with our shoulders rounding forward and head hanging down.Many dancers try to compensate for poor posture by squeezing their shoulder blades together so tightly that their ribs are sticking out, back is arched, and shoulders are pulled way back.They’ll begin their round like this but as soon as they get to dancing, it’s nearly impossible to maintain this overextended posture and it’s an ineffective way to produce the most power and control while dancing.
So, how do we get that confident looking posture that is both aesthetically and functionally beneficial for Irish dancers?
Read THREE TIPS TO PERFECT POSTURE, which appeared in the May 2017 issue of IDM, and transform your Irish dance posture today!
Three Tips to Perfect Posture
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