Dublin 2017: Keepsake Guide Part 1
31 Mar 2017 18:40 - Cameron
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April 2017

    * Natalie O'Connor
    * Summer Camp Special
    * Ciara Sexton's health tips
    * Irelands hottest tourist destination
    * Rockin' Hairstyles

    Feis News & Photos
    * Milan Feis
    * 2017 NAFC Championships

    Plus Super Stars at Super Bowl, Maureen McTeggart Hall & much, much more!

    It’s time to plan SUMMER 2017! This issue focuses on things to do this summer related to your Irish dancing.

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Weekly Prize Draw

April 1-7: GhillieQuicks

Win one pair of original GhillieQuicks elastic laces, a pair of white, and a custom stamped bracelet.

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April 8-14: Snuggie!

We keep seeing photos of dancers in snuggies, so it is no surprise these have been a huge hit at feiseanna! Dancers love this super comfy snuggie available from the Irish Dancing vendor, Embroidery Girl.

Click here for details.

April 15-21: Doll Solo Dress

One lucky reader can win their own custom solo costume for their doll. 

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April 22-30: Keep Going Tee

This week’s winner will be inspired with Sparkling Stepper’s “Keep Going” training tee.

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