Overuse Injuries Can be Prevented
23 May 2018 22:06 - Cameron
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June 2018

    * Dancer of the Month: Robyn Connolly
    * Meet Adjudicator: Laureen O'Neill-James
    * World Highlights
    * Charity Spotlight

    Feis News & Photos
    * CLRG Worlds Pull-Out with ALL RECALLERS
    * Trainor Feis
    * CRDM World Championships
    * CRG All Ireland Championships

    Plus Kelly Hendy School's Show Success, New Pop-Up Shop, Games, Birthdays & much, much more!

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Weekly Prize Draw

June 1-7: Blinged Buckles!

This week’s lucky winner with shine on stage with these incredible blinged out buckles. Check out these unique buckles covered in genuine Swarovski® crystals – a sell out at feiseanna, every time! You practice hard, so show off your steps with these dazzlers! Available in clear, AB, and colors at www.irishdancedazzle.etsy.com, starting at $45.

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June 8-14: Perfect Pointe

Are you stressed out about your point and arch? It is not too late to work on them with this tool that ballet dancers use! The Perfect Point stretches the muscles on the top of the foot while strengthening those in the arch. In just minutes a day, a dancer can achieve stronger, more flexible foot musculature ultimately improving arch and point work. Now comes in two adjustable sizes Available at www.embroiderygirl.com - $50.00.

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June 15-21: Online Target Training

This is the secret weapon of many of the World’s top champions and now one lucky winner will check out the program themselves with one Free Month at the Target Training Online Institute (TTOI) The TTOI is an online training center that targets the specific muscles Irish dancers need to excel! From their signature, full body workouts to their skill specific videos that target your turnout, crossover, posture, toe height and more, the TTOI will take your dancing to the next level! More details at institute.targettrainingdance.com

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June 22-31: 3 Pair of Poodle Socks

This week's winner will be set for feis season with THREE PAIR of Reel Champ’s Kathleen Sassy Socks.

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