Weekly Prize Draw: Protect that dress!
19 Feb 2018 21:01 - Cameron
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Weekly Prize Draw

May 1-7: Dress Bag

Protect your feet! This week’s lucky winner will enjoy the protection and support during long hours of dance practice with their new Performance style sock, now available in white! 

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May 8-14: Double Bonus

It’s a DOUBLE BONUS WEEK! Two prizes! If you are dancing at a National level competition in 2018 then you’ll love this Hand-stamped National’s necklace from timetoshinetiaras.etsy.com.

...And, this week’s lucky winner will also be shipped their own GRANDE sized Dot 2 Dance portable floor! The GRANDE, 32” is ideal for practice and priced at $159.50 from dazzledistributors.com!

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May 15-21: Soft Shoes

It’s the PERFECT time to win new soft shoes and you’ll love Ryan and O’Donnell’s dance pumps worn by many top champs!

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May 22-31: Bun Wig

As seen IDM June issue's TRENDING hairstyles feature– this week’s lucky winner will be shipped a Lexy bun cover from www.irishwigs.com.

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