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Featured: Crespi

Quality, comfort and elegance packaged in the shoe that every dancer would want.

Innovation, Comfort and fit - Irish sound and rhythm - Italian Style and design - High-quality materials - Sound research - Lighter and more resistant - 100% made in Italy ITA

Location: ITA
Featured: Hold Up Body Adhesive

Irish dancing is very active, with lots of leg movements. Those stockings can be hard to keep up!
Hold Up Body Adhesive solves your problems with drooping stockings, slipping wigs, jewelry or anything else you want to keep in place.

Don’t be that one dancer in line with your stockings around your ankles! Applying a small amount of this safe, non-toxic adhesive to your lower legs will keep those socks where you want them, all Feis long.

It works with anything that touches your skin, like skin jewelry, wigs, shoulder straps and garters. Hold Up is safe, non-toxic, non-staining, and it washes off with water.

Use promo code IRISH to receive 5% off our already low prices. (Valid for sales to USA only.)

Location: USA
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Weekly Prize Draw

February 1-7: Practice Socks

Protect your feet! This week’s lucky winner will enjoy the protection and support during long hours of dance practice with their new Performance style sock, now available in white! 

Click here for details.

February 8-14: Custom Tracksuit

Irish Dance tracksuits from Cheer Factor continues to dazzle the market. Brand your Irish School with original tracksuits and Practice Wear made specifically for your school, not the case with a catalog or online company. This week’s lucky winner will get their own custom tracksuit.

Click here for details.

February 15-21: Practice Music

WIN the HOT new album “SECOND STORY” by Katie Grennan (TCRG, feis musician, and current fiddle player of Gaelic Storm – featured in the movie Titanic)! Includes highly energetic practice and dance out tracks.

Click here for details.

February 22-31: Protect that Dress

This week’s winner will win the new underarm shields solve this embarrassing problem- enough to protect their dress and share!

Click here for details.