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7 Steps to a Stronger Core
06 Jan 2017 06:53 - cameron.irishdancing
IDM+ Celticore "7 Steps to a Stronger Core"- the ultimate Pilates workout for Irish dancers. View the exclusive video HERE
Olympic Stars
14 Oct 2016 12:00 - cameron.irishdancing
The 2016 Rio Olympic Games Complete Coverage - Irish Dancing Style!
Click here read the article as seen in the Oct 2016 IDM
O-Rock-Ta-Star Tank Tops
14 Oct 2016 20:26 - cameron.irishdancing
Everyone will know that your dancer is an O-Rock-Ta-Star when they wear this tank!
Buy Yours Here
The History of Irish Dancing
03 Oct 2016 02:21 - cameron.irishdancing
Who Runs the Global Dance World? Is there more than one WORLDS? Read all about Irish dancing from its inception to today
Irish Dancing’s Most Famous Designer
09 Sep 2016 01:10 - cameron.irishdancing
Click HERE to read IDM’s exclusive interview with the KING of Irish dancing fashion, GAVIN DOHERTY!
IDM's Autumn Book Review: Step Sisters
09 Sep 2016 01:10 - cameron.irishdancing
What happens when BFFs become bitter rivals? Maeve Gillette reviews Sean de Gallai's new book Step Sisters and finds out!
18 Jul 2016 01:11 - cameron.irishdancing
By: World Champion, Gabriella Wood
NANs 2016 Snapchat coverage
13 Jul 2016 01:06 - cameron.irishdancing
North American Irish Dance Championships 2016 - IDM WAS THERE! Watch a fun recap of the IDM Snapchat coverage!
29 Jun 2016 16:34 - cameron.irishdancing
IT’S AN IDM MASTER CLASS! Special Two-Part Series on Rhythm!
Update on Fort McMurray Devastation
13 Jun 2016 22:42 - cameron.irishdancing
An update from Kate McIntyre on the fire that caused 36 Irish dance families to flee Fort McMurray, Canada in early May
02 Mar 2016 21:36 - cameron.irishdancing
Welcome to Glasgow 2016 - Planning Guide and Regional Qualifiers -Part 2
02 Mar 2016 21:36 - cameron.irishdancing
Welcome to Glasgow 2016 - Planning Guide and Regional Qualifiers -Part 1
De-Stress with a Great Book
08 Sep 2015 00:48 - cameron.irishdancing
Maeve Gillette, IDM's teen book reviewer is back with another fab book: The Dancer, Steps From the Dark
CRC 2015 Hand Dancing Video
10 Aug 2015 21:13 - cameron.irishdancing
Wondering what dance camp is all about? Check out this video from one of our favorites! And, they even have an adults only camp!
Top Picks for Summer Reading
01 May 2015 18:08 - cameron.irishdancing
Ready to relax and get in a little fun reading over the summer? IDM's teen book-reviewer, Maeve Gillette, will get you going.
From the Archives: Shannon Bradley
16 Apr 2015 00:15 - cameron.irishdancing
A look back at the 2015 U18 World Champion, Shannon Bradley when she was IDM's dancer of the month in August 2012
From the IDM Archives: Irish Points
11 Mar 2015 05:18 - cameron.irishdancing
IDM unravels the mystery behind the maths in championship scoring.
01 May 2015 00:38 - cameron.irishdancing
Read about the NEW Irish Book Series that is A HIT for CHILDREN
Applying Hot Fix Crystals
11 Feb 2015 22:09 - cameron.irishdancing
Ever wondered what the difference was between flat back and hot fix crystals? Dreamtime Creations explains it here!
Interested in Auditioning for a Show?
11 Jan 2015 21:53 - cameron.irishdancing
How do you know what ID shows need dancers and other performers, and are accepting CVs ?
Stay Healthy through Dance
12 Sep 2014 21:27 - cameron.irishdancing
We dedicate each October issue to keeping you healthy.
Read more here.
Where in the World????
12 Dec 2016 23:34 - cameron.irishdancing
Where is the next World Championships? How about the next All Ireland Championships? This list will help you find it!
Tapping Feet
19 May 2014 19:02 - cameron.irishdancing
I love meeting new people and discovering new things. My feet could not stop tapping to this video by Ryan Lacey.
Bridget's Guide to London
06 Apr 2014 20:20 - cameron.irishdancing
Follow IDM's Bridget Cunningham as she shows you the hot spots in London.
Advertise with IDM
04 Apr 2014 20:22 - cameron.irishdancing
Do you sell to Irish dancers? Do you have an item you'd like to promote? IDM is the partner to help your business thrive.
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