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Dancers train their bodies physically by drilling practicing and working on technique, but they often forget the importance of training their mind to have a mental edge on competition day. The company, Zen Rince has a designed a program to help dancers attain mastery over stress and anxiety.

“Knowing that they have control over something that made them feel completely out of control creates a strong sense of self mastery,” explains Siubhan Clark, owner of Zen Rince.

The Zen Rince program addresses the specific mental and emotional needs of Irish Dancers. Just like other competitive athletes, Irish Dancers compete in high pressure environments and often struggle with managing the stress, mental blocks and loss of motivation.

 With simple meditations and mindful techniques dancers can learn to remain calm on competition day, most often achieving a better overall performance and result. This ‘mental strength training method allows a dancer to get out of their heads during competition so that their physical training can take over........

Colleen Schroeder, ADCRG Lynn O’Grady Quinlan Academy says “It was mind blowing to see the immediate results. I thought it would take months! They were so prepared for the World Championships. Thanks again for being a piece of the puzzle to get these kids to reach their full potential not only in dance but in life!”

Colleen, far left, celebrating success!


Meditations are available to download on Zen Rince's website and meditation beads are available for purchase as a very simple mindful tool with great benefits! “Using the Meditation Bracelet helps me stay positive and focused. It empowers me and ensures that when I step on stage, I will dance my best.” Haylee, U20 CLRG Dancer

Zen Rince carries over into everyday life and school. Denise S., mom of a U11 Dancer says ‘I have also seen how the meditations have crossed over into school work. She is more confident while preparing for tests at school as well!”

For those in the greater Philadelphia area, Zen Rince is also available for onsite yoga and meditation classes. Dancers from other areas of the world can take advantage of the program online at Through mindfulness techniques, dancers realize that there is a way to be calm in a competition setting and enjoy the experience!




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