Kadena Irish Dance club emerged from the ashes of Irish Dance Okinawa in January 2017. Irish Dance Okinawa was lead by Victoria Hamlin; however, Victoria had to leave to return to the United States in August of 2016.
Zahreen Schaffer-Harris, who had been studying Irish Dance since January 2013 and competing since February 2014 wished to continue when the Schaffer-Harris family moved to Okinawa in December 2015. Zahreen starting studying with Victoria at that time. She competed Hong Kong in order to continue to advance in her quest to be a Champion Irish Dancer. When Victoria left in August of 2016, Zahreen asked her mother to continue to study Irish dance so the two started flying monthly to Tokyo to work with Tomoko Shirasawa, TCRG/ADCRG of Ardagh School of Irish Dance. Tomoko-san suggested reuniting with the remaining dancers of Irish Dance Okinawa and Kadena Irish Dance Club was born.
We meet weekly at the Kadena High School, Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. Zahreen is teaching under the tutelage of her instructor Tomoko, and her mom, Lisa is the club’s manager.



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