WORLD CHAMPIONS - Men & Ladies U20

WORLD CHAMPIONS - A History of Results 

Ladies Under 20

(Because of combined age groups in the early years of the championships, the U120 bracket did not start until 2011.) 

2011 Lauren Early Doherty    
2012 Therese Corless Crosbie    
2013 Niamh Taylor Doherty    
2014 Ceili Moore Gaye Moore    
2015 Michaela Hinds Butler-Fearon-O'Connor    
2016 Paige Turilli Doherty-Petri Colm Conneely Hession
2017 Shannon Bradley Doherty-Petri Gavin Shevlin McConomy-Bradley-Doherty
2018 Melanie Valdes Doherty-Petri Jonty Moore Fiona Gaye Moore
2019 Londyn Nachtigal Mattierin Gerard Byrne McNelis Cunningham Boyle




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